Hello Friends,
My name is Abhijit Bose. I am an Air Veteran. I am a travel enthusiast and a food lover. Love to capture moments while on trip through my camera lenses.

  • The Journey Begins
    Thanks for joining me! Let me share a few moments of my life. I do not have many of my old travelling photo’s right now to share with you all, as during 90’s, those were the days when still image’s made the album, not digital.. Still whenever its available, I will share. Let me takeContinue reading “The Journey Begins”
  • Goa Trip
    As I love travelling, I take some memories along my way. A few moments captured at Goa. During our vacation to Goa, this was taken at Benelium Beach, quite and so serene, one will love the sea sound and less population, we went during Off season, found so calm that I still love the memories.Continue reading “Goa Trip”
  • A few more added from another trip
    Here are few more from my past trips.. hope you all will enjoy them, as I enjoyed..
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